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Story of the game takes you to an imaginary land of Paintaria, where our main hero, Painty, gets by accident as he tries to be a bit of a rebel. It seems that the world lost all the colors, except for one – red. Feeling it might have been his fault it's up to Painty to fix all the mess he caused.

This simple point-and-click adventure game offers you about 30 mins of a gameplay, will take you to 4 different locations and offer you 6 original tracks, created by Yanka Kmesova.

Install instructions

Thank you for downloading the game!

To install the game simply open downloaded file and follow installer wizard.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback please contact author through mail ex3me@centrum.sk or visit the developer's page https://traktorgames.wordpress.com/


Paintaria Setup 25 MB
Credits - OST 4 MB
NewGame - OST 1 MB